Project Description


Working with M&S as a packaging designer over 20 years, I have been fortunate enough to see the brand evolve many times in the food area. I have had the privilege to work on many design projects that have been a huge part of the growth of M&S.  I worked on the rebrand of ‘Percy Pig’ 20 years ago which has become Iconic to M&S. One of the last packaging design projects that I created the concept for was the current core packaging design look which is still in store today, this covered over 350 food lines. From creating the concept this was then given to the category teams where the design was then implemented across all food areas.

Heritage Britain

A project the design studio of 30 designers pitched for,  my concept won the pitch which was implemented across all categories by the design teams. This still stands in store today as the main core line across 300 product lines or more. Below it shows original concept design through to actual printed design.

Percy Pig

I am very proud to have been the designer who re-branded Percy Pig. A pitch won 20 years ago, pre-digital. This has now become a iconic brand for M&S with expansive design following on from the original graphics all those years ago.

Percy Pig m&s

Gifting Food and Alcohol / Packaging Design

A great project to work on for Christmas Gifting working across various formats as well as creating physical packaging.