An organised, self motivated and creative freelance Art Director and Designer. Specialising in food photography across packaging and point of sale. With over 25 years experience working as a graphic designer in the food packaging area this certainly gives me an advantage to completely understand the requirements of the brief given by the creative team. From creating mood boards, briefing props and on occasions style shoots myself. I am always imaginative and creative, staying true to the brand, I work well under pressure and have great attention to detail along with excellent management skills working with the photographer, stylist and assistants as a team.

I pride myself on delivering the best job to my client.

“Sarah is such a great Art director to work with. She always seems so prepared and ahead of the game, helping the team to understand exactly what we are needing to achieve from each of the shots we are working on each day. Every job is meticulous, and from my angle, when samples have not arrived, she will chase them and get answers. If there are not clear guidelines as to how the product should be shown, she will speak to the relevant supplier or M&S client and get answers swiftly, which is what we all need to help the job run smoothly. She is professional, humorous and on the ball…… and all those attributes make for a really pleasant and enjoyable working day. I really do love working with Sarah”

Emma Jane Frost, Food Stylist

“Sarah is a pleasure to work with; professional and forthright with a killer eye and an even sharper wit… a great asset to have in any studio and a real help to have on a shoot as a reliable, creative and gifted pair of eyes. Her graphic design background means she knows what the production requirements are, which saves time and means the brief’s easily communicated.”

Howard Shooter, Howard Shooter Photography


All these wonderful projects would not happen without the talented teams I work with. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone from the Art buyers, Photographers, Food stylists, Prop stylists & Designers

Art Buyers – Richard Gordon, Beverly Lagna, Jessica King, Christina Berenguer, Emma Sleight, Heather Taylor

Photographers – Ant Duncan, Adrian Lawrence, Alastair Hendy, Ben Monk, Danielle & Ted Wood, Gareth Morgans, Howard Shooter, Jess Koppel, Jonathan Gregson, Karen Thomas, Martin Poole, Stuart West, Tara Fisher, Toby Scott, Tom register

Food stylists – Amber De Florio, Amy Stephenson, Becks Wilkinson, Debbie Miller, Denise Smart, Emma Jane frost, Jack Sargeson, Jane Lawrie, Jenny White, Kerenza Harris, Kim Morphew, Penny Stephens, Sal Henley, Seiko Hatfield

Prop stylists – Cynitha Blackett, Jo Harris, Penny Markham, Rachael Jukes, Wei Tang

Designers –  Charlotte Raphael, Katy White, Ian Robinson, Shaun Boylan, Lindsay Webb, Whippett